The Mediated Motion

On all four levels, odours, fog, water, plants, and soil caused the strictly orthogonal, concrete-and-glass architecture of Peter Zumthor to metamorphose into a path ”of experience and awareness of experiencing” (Eliasson).
This installation, to be walked on, describes a space of experience fashioned out of cultivated nature in which the visible also includes the hidden. Precisely because of the seeming invisibility of the physically perceivable, the various vistas create their own tissue of references – through seeing and remembering. A familiar theme situated in a strange environment refers to the background. Vivid and graphic thought releases insights in the beholder’s memory. He thus recognises the familiar but invisible connection: the theme is physically real, the background
virtual. The precise presentation and experience of the visual surface evokes – by looking and remembering, seeing and thinking – individual and social ideas and recalls familiar experiences.
Eliasson described this relationship as follows: ”The public is the work, as everything else continually changes.”