Smells & Sounds


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Langstrasse, Zürich

Yanaka, Tokyo

Smells & Sounds – The Invisible In Public Space


As part of the research project "city_space_transitions", two independent interventions on the sense of smell and hearing are planned, which are grouped under the title "smells & sounds". The project "Missing Link" focuses exclusively on the sense of smell. The aim is to investigate the perception of smells and scents in the city. Fragrances are suggestive, associative, subtle and, above all, more intense than visual impressions. They can not be perceived distanced, but are directly present and immediately evoke memories and associations.

One week of intervention for each investigation is carried out in Zurich's Langstrasse and in the Yanaka district of Tokyo. These are planned as interactions with the urban street space, which, even apart from the differences in the two cultures, could not be more diverse than in the cities chosen. The long axis of Langstrasse lies within a uniform block-perimeter building plan that dates from the late nineteenth century. By contrast, the winding, sometimes very private streets of the district of Yanaka, feed directly into large boulevards.

Zürich Oktober 2006

Tokyo Oktober- November 2006