Long Bench

© Christian Vogt
© Christian Vogt
© Christian Vogt

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This classical bench winds through the terrain like a caterpillar on many slender feet made of chrome steel.

Originally developed for „Elisabethenanlage“, a little historic park in Basel, the design by Vogt is ideal for sites with declining ground and meandering paths. The bank‘s bearing surface consists of single seats overlapping and this way compensating a down-grade of 3.5 percent. Of course the bank also offers comfortable seating on horizontal ground. Length and form are individually adapted to the spatial situation and the course of the paths. Bearing surfaces and backrests are made of a specific laminate robust enough for use in public spaces and yet made of wood. The subtle pattern embossed in the laminate bases on the patterns the breed of bark-beetles gnaw into wood. This pattern does not only make the material tactile, but is also a visual effect ironically referring to the wood-patterns often used to make artificial materials seem natural.

The Long Bench is a piece of outdoor-furniture influencing its context and depending on it: Its form is determined by the terrain and the course of the path and at the same time only becomes intelligible in this specific environment.


Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten
– 2008
Stainless steel, high pressure laminate
Ab 5m, ein Element: 57cm