Bahnhofsplatz Landquart

Red Earth

Gemeinde Igis
Gemeindeverwaltung Igis-Landquart
2005 – 2006
Surface area 
3 000m2

The unifying design element for the new Bahnhofsplatz is the red, rammed-earth paving. It spreads out like a carpet in front of the train station to receive the arrivals in Landquart. The hardwearing, newly developed paving material is derived from the tried and true, rammed-earth floors typical of ancient Rome. It is exceptionally resilient and proven to be robust. The special feature of this paving is the brick substrate from the local brick works that has been added to the paving material. This admixture gives the paving a reddish-brown tone and a lively surface structure, and makes the Bahnhofplatz a unique site. The square is framed at the side by two gardens. One is slightly elevated and consists of a group of ornamental cherry trees. There is a herbaceous garden on the opposite side, situated between two strong, existing copper beech trees. Both gardens join the square, creating two different spaces, each with its own atmosphere and quality.