Federal Industrial Tribunal, Erfurt

Staatsbauamt Erfurt
Weinmiller Architekten
1995 – 2000
Surface area 
32 755m2

The compact new building is surrounded by a 3 hectare green area: this is the first part of the planned parklands on the Petersberg already to have been realised. As a result of their exposed location, situated on the western corner of the baroque fort and at the highest topographic point of the future green belt around the Petersberg, the outer rooms of the new construction have a critical importance for the urban green system. On account of its size and connection to the building, this area of greenery takes on the character of a city garden, with the usual characteristics of limited size, correlation to a building, and an urban nature. Thus it contrasts with larger rural parks, and areas of nature unhindered in their development.

* A project by Kienast Vogt Partner