Garden of Villa S. Zurich

A Garden Washed Ashore

Privater Investor
Antonio + Luca Antorini Architekten
2001 – 2002
Surface area 
2 800m2

The villa sits on the shore of Lake Zurich, its garden protruding like a terrace onto the water. The house - a white cubic building – separates the garden from the street. Its architectonic character stands in contrast to the garden’s gentle topography, rounded flowerbeds, and meandering paths. The movement of water and ripples on the lake become the main motif for the garden’s design. Under a footbridge, a large water basin establishes proximity to the lake and seems to pull the house towards it. Curving beech hedges frame the garden on either side. Two dense groups of birch trees punctuate the garden as independent spatial features. Beds of yellow flowering perennials and lush grasses act like washed-up islands, beached on the gravel of the grounds. A picturesque group of sarvisberry trees stand at the end of the garden as it reaches Lake Zurich.