Home of Fifa, Zurich

Game of the Continents

Internationaler Weltfussballverband Fifa (Fédéaration International de Football Association)
Tilla Theus und Partner
2003 – 2006
Surface area 
40 000m2

The new headquarters of the FIFA international football association on the Zürichberg is at the same time an office building for almost 300 persons and a training centre for trainers and referees. The site is surrounded by woodland on two sides and is distinguished by its striking topography.

The design comprises a park-like leisure zone for outdoor recreation and relaxation and a sport and exercise zone. The whole green area is accessed by a meandering footpath that penetrates far into the grounds and passes through dense woodland vegetation, creating playful variations of light and shade.

A strong contrast is provided by the extensive playing fields area, which conveys a feeling of spaciousness. Four training areas of differing sizes and with different surfaces are also planned.

The third outdoor element is the green, non-enterable interior courtyard, which resembles a damp, mossy glade with a number of tall trees and affords a year-round view of the greened area from the windows.