Housing development Broëlberg, Switzerland

Secret Gardens

Client: Baukonsortium Broëlberg
Architecture: e2a
Period: 2003 – 2004
Surface area: 25 400m2

The project involves a landscape intervention limited to a pronouncement of the already present geological features of the park. Small hillocks, a product of glacial deposition, connect the hill to the north with the pond at the park’s southern end.

New areas of plantation will take over this form language and extend down to the southern limit of the park. The soft, curved forms connect the park and invite one to discover the park and its various horticultural “rooms”.

On the edge of the park, native groves are to be planted. This pays tribute to the spacious nature of Kilchberg’s landscape, and thus assists the park in merging into its surrounding area. The established tree population will be added to with a scattering of non-native plants: this acts as a reference to the park’s historical context and offers a link to the area’s former description as an “English Park”. Large shrubs around the pond add to this impression.