Münchener Rück, Munich

Impression and Context – Sight and Memory

Münchener Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft
Baumschlager Eberle
1998 – 2001
Surface area 
11 000m2

The remodelling of Münchener Rück, a Munich-based  re-insurance company, is part of the edge of a block quadrangle. The quadrangle is characterized by a park-type planted space.

The remodelling of this outside space allows for a continual and open spatial system and lets the secondary parts of the courtyard with their stands of existing trees keep their own character.

In the midst of an airy and transparent maple copse, there is now a long and narrow new building on pilotis. This drawn-out form is turned into a standard relativizing the heterogeneous courtyard with its existing secondary buildings and exits. The expanse thus created gives the entire complex its park-type character.

There is a moss-covered garden in the shady yard on the first floor, all enclosed by buildings. It can be seen from various floors through the glazed façade providing an impression of nature and a mosaic of various types of moss – sight and memory: moss and forest floor.