MK4 Office Building Theresienhöhe, Munich

Maple Terraces

Bayerische Versorgungskammer
Beyer + Schubert Architekten
Berlin; Beusterien + Eschwe Architekten
2003 – 2004
Surface area 
2 100m2

The terraced indentations on the façade permitted a cascade-like design of the terraces, situated one above the other, which represents the main focus of the exterior design. Narrow strips of plant containers alternate with strips of fine gravel.The Japanese maples create a unified terrace vegetation and, owing to the choice of species with different coloured leaves, also a varied appearance. A ribbon of garden in located along the south façade. The elongated form of the narrow area is additionally accentuated by the division into plantings, gravel paths and pools. Revolving gates on the gravel path provide the transition between interior and exterior space.

A special feature is the insertion on the east façade on the ground floor, where a fish tank framed solely by a glass wall is immediately visible. The water and the goldfish are reflected throughout all the storeys inside the building. The business entrances on the north façade are directly connected with the pavement of Heimeranstrasse by an arcade. The surface covering of the arcade continues into the hall like an invitation to enter.