An Ning Zhuang, Beijing

Urban Planning

Beijing Modern Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.
B&E Baumschlager Eberle GmbH
2004 – 2008
Surface area 
80 000m2

The ‚An Ning Zhuang‘ building project contains the development of a new housing area with a number of 960 high-level flats in a site of more than 80’000 square metres.

Considering the built houses as stones in a flow of water, the outdoor design refers to the streams and swirls in the imaginative river. The shaping of paving and lawn surfaces, the modulation of the ground and water as design element are derived from the simulation of streams, especially water in its different states of aggregation is a main theme in the outdoor design.

Groups of trees, in lightish and dens composition, along with their character of leaves and color, form different ambiances and spatial situations.