Park Moabiter Werder, Berlin

Collection and Exhibition

Deutsche Stadt- und Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft (Berlin)
1990 – 2002
Surface area 
45 000m2

The riverside walk along the Spree provides the spine of the entire park and links its two parts. Along the Spreewiesen, the embankments and meadows on the Spree, a four-row avenue is developed with the help of different species of trees. The rows then dissolve into a more informal arrangement of trees. The species richness of the tree stock was designed in the sense of a specific garden typology, that of an arboretum. The existing collection of plants was spatially condensed into thematic plant exhibitions. The oval clusters of trees are composed of several individuals of a plant species each – Aceretum, Moretum, Magnolietum, Prunetum – in order to create live herbaria. A co-ordinated play of blossoms, leaves, and autumnal hues, of scents and fruits, of leaf textures and trunk structures evoke the changing moods of the seasons. The staggering of the tree clusters is typologically based on variety, contrast, and surprise to suggest an exactly defined landscape that may actually be walked on.

* A Project by Kienast Vogt Partner