Residental Courtyard at Rigistrasse, Zug

A Garden within the Courtyard

Privater Investor
Diener & Diener Architekten
2005 – 2008
Surface area 
1 900m2

From the Bundesplatz in Zug, one traverses the line of gymnocladus trees to penetrate a small courtyard. It is framed by a mix of residential and commercial buildings, and accessible from all four sides through framed passageways. Rows of hedges in different widths and heights define each of the city block’s sides, marking an outer frame for the courtyard within.

The courtyard’s focal point is an elevated garden, similar to a Ticinese roof garden. A rammed earth wall supports this new garden level, and a steep, narrow staircase leads up to it. The space is framed by hedges, and offers a restful atmosphere beneath the canopy of a single tree. A drinking fountain stands on the loose gravel surface. Simple materials, limited space, and clear formulation of the different open space typologies - square, garden and courtyard - define the courtyard. These attributes imbue the housing blocks with a highly differentiated outdoor character.