St Andreas Castle, Cham

Herr und Frau F. & S. Pacher-Theinburg
Herzog & de Meuron
Basel and Diener & Diener Architects
Surface area 
75 000m2

Already in the first millennium A.D., the first humans settled on this site called “Städtli” or “market town” then and ever since. The chapel and stronghold of St Andreas were erected later on, during the Middle Ages. Following a chequered history, today’s park was laid out in the 20th century and has been a private property ever since. It is very well preserved und of great historic significance for Switzerland due to its special location on the Lake of Lucerne, its size, and valuable stands of trees.

To ensure this historic site will be preserved for along time to come, a few new buildings to house flats in the upper real-estate segment are planned. Modern architecture is to be harmoniously integrated into the existing park and replace the former estate buildings. This exceptional park is to be preserved in its current form as an important witness to Swiss horticulture. A park-management programme will be established to assure it is cared for and its stock of trees gently developed. The new buildings will be integrated into
the surrounding area by suitable remodelling.