Station Giesing, Munich


Landeshauptstadt München
Brigitte Kochta
2003 – 2011
Surface area 
13 400m2

The Munich Giesing district is to be given a station square that will allow its use as a bus station and, at the same time, as an urban square for the whole district without having its appearance dominated by traffic. The design concept proposes a flowing space of activity without barriers, a square without edges and marked-out borders. 

The determining elements of this free space are airy, mostly pinnate-leafed, high-trimmed trees that combine to form a transparent umbrella of branches that changes with the seasons. The urban planning element of the new exterior space re-established the lost scale, whereby the tall trunks and high treetops retain the spaciousness of the open space as a special feature. The urban space is composed of ten different coppices, all of them of imposing appearance. The dimensions, colour and texture of the bark make the individual trunks look like exhibits at an exhibition. Simple natural phenomena that only become manifest when walked through daily.