The Stockalper Castle, Brig

A Garden in the Midst of Nature

Schweizerische Stiftung für das Stockalperschloss
Burkhalter + Sumi Architekten
1997 – 2001
Surface area 
13 000m2

The town of Brig is dominated by the monumental architecture of the castle in front of the awe-inspiring natural scenery of the Alps. It is not known whether the original neo Baroque design was ever actually realized in the form handed down to us. Jodok von Stockalper’s elementary concept of the Trinity also influenced the historic design of the garden and includes the Viridarium or pleasance in front of the castle, the Pomarium or mediaeval orchard and the farm offices.

The thematic contents are derived from the surrounding landscape and staged anew as exhibits in the garden. The models were landscape elements created by cultivating nature, equalling the process of taming the forces of nature. The redesign continues to relate the history of the garden referring to all the layers that formed its substrate – its structure, form, and materials as well as the choice of plants.

* A project by Kienast Vogt Partners