Swiss Re - Centre for Global Dialogue, Zurich

Schweizerische Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft
Meili Peter Architekten
1996 – 2000
Surface area 
27 000m2

A valuable stock of trees creates, along with the buildings and the new and large-scale plantings, the spatial grid of the entire ensemble. The interrelations of architecture and garden were already part of the historic concept and re-interpreted within the scope of the remodelling. The finely crafted balance leads to an aesthetical penetration of inside and outside spaces and an interplay of engagement and distancing.

The remodelling of the park continues the delightful confrontation of two contrasting garden typologies – the centrally situated geometric-architectonic part and a free-style landscape providing the substrate. Although the boundaries between the two parts of the garden are clearly visible, various vistas allow a fascinating dialogue between the two. Given the simultaneity of perception, their individual identities mutually enhance each other.