University Campus Westend, Frankfurt

Hessian Ministry of Economics
Transport and Regional Development
Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann Architekten
2008 – 2013
Surface area 
15 000m2

Goethe University’s “Uni Campus Westend” is a cluster of new buildings housing the specialized social sciences and education departments. Together with the Administration building, they create a link between the Campus and the city of Frankfurt. The design of the space between the buildings – open lawns, informal tree layout and natural stone paving – aligns with the Campus Park, whereas the terrace above the Faculty Library opens to a more urban setting. The row of densely planted ash trees of high crown height optically extends the facade line to complete the architectural whole. In the inaccessible library courtyard, the space’s artificiality is juxtaposed with an abundance of luxuriant vegetation, an opulence of trees and perennials. With its consciously exaggerated and inflated color contrasts it’s reminiscent of a detail of an abstract picture of nature, the incongruity of which makes it seem like an inlay.