Virchow 16, Novartis Campus, Basel

Novartis Pharma AG
RMA Architects
2010 – 2014
Surface area 

A green Atrium has been built in the new building of the Virchow 16 building. It extends from the third floor to the openings of the roof. Several passages pass through the Atrium and connect the laboratory area with the office area on the other side. Due to the open construction, there is no separation between the offices, the lounges and the green space. 

The design of the green space is based on the lower layers of the rainforest. There are, on one hand, shadow-compatible ground coverers and, on the other hand, climbing plants that grow upwards and sideways towards the light. When viewed from above, the ground is a colorful mosaic of different plants of different heights. 

The western façade of the laboratory building receives a green facade of hanging and climbing plants. Different types of climbing plants in combination with hanging plants form a broad color and color spectrum. The entire façade changes throughout the seasons. Due to the mixture of evergreen and deciduous plants, structure and texture change, as well as the flower color. This, on the one hand, influences the appearance of the building from the outside, but also the feeling of space in the interior spaces. The full-length glass façade makes the plant curtain the actual end of the office space. The development of the plants can thus be experienced directly 

© Iwan Baan