Werd Administration Centre, Zurich

Interplay of Trees and Hedges

Stadt Zürich
Amt für Hochbauten
Burkhalter Sumi Architekten
2006 – 2007
Surface area 
3 700m2

As though mounted on a pedestal, the Werd Administration Centre stands elevated above street level. This difference in height makes explicit the property boundaries.

The new landscape design uses a two-layered planting strategy that builds on these levels, and complements the existing wall. Ornamental cherry trees create a lively atmosphere, in the spring with their double-blossom flowers, and in the autumn as their canopy changes colour.

Organically-shaped boxwood hedges frame the shared entry to the Centre and the Church of  St. Peter and Paul. Tall trees are interspersed within the strictly-trimmed hedges, composing changing views through the planting to the surrounding streets. The existing paving was renovated through a consistent materials strategy, supplementing the flooring with large-format natural stone slabs. This new paving scheme gives a generous and open feel to the overall area, allowing it to fulfill its role as foyer.