Window on Asia

Diorama for the Lobby at Mühlebachstrasse 20

Romero & Schäfle Architekten
2006 – 2008

The diorama in the small lobby of the global concern features a view of a rainforest. This view- from the company headquarters in Zurich straight into the South- east Asian rainforest- reflects the commercial exchange between Zurich and Asia. Selected details from the picture of the jungle are linked to the history of the company, turning the rainforest into a DKSH-specific rainforest garden.

The fan tree- the motif form the company logo- can be seen, as can the trunk of a rubber tree, along with various birs and beetles. The diorama is a three-dimensional, staggered installation with details of varying precision in the fore- and background. Creating a three-dimensional illusion, it seems as if one could reach out and touch the vista.