About Books and Trees

The world of plants is comparable with an apparently infinitely large library of books. How else can we describe the abundant shapes, colours, sizes and smells? In everyday reality we are helped by the manageable qualities of a garden, whose contained dimensions and resources have a liberating effect. Our attention is drawn not by the totality of the plants, but by the selection. Hence a perfect garden can move us more than untouched nature. But the magic of a garden does not lie only in the accumulation of plants, for our perception of the texture of the leaves, the fragrance of the blossoms and the shadow of the trees is immediate and direct.

The potential of the urban landscape lies in the heterogeneity of the city. Nowadays, urban nature is more diverse than nature in the countryside, largely owing to the substratum of the location. Manifoldly fractionated, the form of the urban vegetation represents a narration about its own history.

November 2004 - January 2005