Galtür is a small community situated in the west of Tyrol that achieved a tragic kind of fame due to an accident provoked by an avalanche in 1999. The protective wall erected after the accident consists of an avalanche baffle works and a multipurpose complex of buildings which houses, among others, the rooms of the Alpinarium.
The Alpinarium was designed as both an exhibition and memorial with an integrated event and seminar centre. It is there, that the Tyrol National Exhibition took place in 2005. Till this date, the Alpinarium showed various alternating exhibitions which focused on the history and future of Galtür. The National Exhibition was a platform to host a sustainable interdisciplinary dialogue between the various life strategies in this Alpine region and beyond. An interactive laboratory conveyed experiences, events, and topical matters to visitors. Outside as well as inside, different modular cells focused on and present specific exhibition topics spread over the entire premises.

June - July 2004