PIN-UP MAGAZINE BOOK CLUB: Mutation and Morphosis

Book review by Fletcher Phillips

"Without a singular beginning or end, we are forced to wander the pages; collecting disparate findings, tracing patterns, and continually constructing a mental map of the experience. As you drift through topics (…) a rich image of the world in which Vogt works will begin to emerge. No claims are made, however, as to what that image will be. Rather, if the experiment works, it will be different for each person."


«Mutation and Morphosis - Landacape as Aggregate» is available at Lars Müller Publishers


© Giancarlo Rado: the italian sheperd Luigino Balzan and his flock on the road bends of Brocon pass, Veneto, 2008
© Albrecht Dürer, The Large Piece of Turf (Das große Rasenstück), 1503, Watercolor and body color heightened with white body color, Albertina, Public Domain
© Johann Christian Daniel Schreber, Ovis Aries, in: „Die Säugethiere in Abbildungen nach der Natur“, 1739–1810, Public Domain
© Christian Vogt