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Model studies


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Displays tell a story, and if living tropical butterflies are to become actors on a kinetic, theatrical stage, it is necessary to construct a framework that functions as part of the presentation. Humidity, warmth and a climate in motion are combined with butterflies and plants to fill a space that is technically controlled to the highest degree, but nevertheless, on the visual level , has an extremely natural appearance.

In order to maintain the proper humidity, fog is sprayed through the glass house several times a day. This process is staged like a theatrical event, since the fog is driven by air jets so that it rotates, resulting in a spiral of fog. The damp air, which has a temerature of 25 degrees centigrade and contains 70 to 90 percent humidity, is whirled around inside the glass house, thus creating the living conditions for the butterflies and the tropical plants that are cultivated here during the winter.