Dancing tree

Investigating the trunk of the hornbeam one can see and feel the bulges and recesses of the trunk's surface, the waves in the wood. This kind of twisting appearance, grown into the tree trunks over the course of the yeras, is the starting point for the artistic creation: as if on a stage, one of the trees in the middle of the woods starts to revolve around its own axis for a moment. The energy created thus becomes visible for a brief second. This tree then continues to twist, following a certain kind of choreography, and thus stands out from the many other trees, as if it were dancing or trying to look in all directions. At the same time this helps it to define its own space in the vicinity of its neighbours.

In the rectangle of the wind- protected treetops, the momentary motion occasionally interrupts the monochromatic, still image. With a simple twist of a tree, a light, poetic rustle is heard. The dancing tree emerges from its state of stillness and refers to the collective system of the group or the forest; it draws the attention of all, while, at the same time, it remains mysterious.