A portable seat in two pieces can be assembled by the user, thus becoming an active participant in the design of the exterior space. Made from a material that decomposes with time, it will eventually to return to the landscape from which it came.

Chairs in public outdoor areas are a rare as well as a much coveted species: whereas park managers tend to replace chairs with unmovable benches for fear of theft and disarrangement, users enjoy portable seating opportunities out of doors and being able to participate in the design of the exterior space.

The design team at Vogt solved this dilemma with the cross-legged chair, a stool that combines practical aspects, high-quality design, and sustainable production.

The cross-legged chair is 100% recyclable, lightweight and easy to transport. With its unique form and coloring, and the possibility of individual imprints, the stool can also be used as a canvas and advertising medium.

The seat is designed for temporary use out-of-doors and can be composted with the garden rubbish in autumn. When used in interior areas or only partly in the exterior, the chair becomes a durable design object for public and private spaces.