Discourse at eye level is a defining feature of our office culture. Driven by the desire for intensive debate, we are interested in different approaches. In doing so, we always think and argue within the micro- and macrocosm of the overall system, while keeing in mind our goal of carefully interweaving concrete questions about public space in European cities with their respective overall social and spatial context.


The intensive search is characterised by the desire to experiment and the use of specific working methods that feed on the interplay between analogue and digital techniques. The result is precision, poetry, and radicality in the built urban landscapes.


Throughout this engaged work, we not only find answers to the questions we pose but also new spaces for thought and action open up again and again. Various opportunities (e.g. research grants, collaborations) are available to employees to further develop and explore these new thoughts and ideas.


Continuous education and training also play an important role. The case studio VOGT as a (office) space for development and exchange actively supervises this process and promotes communication beyond the boundaries of the office location. As part of VOGT, we see ourselves as a collective. This attitude shapes the discussion and determines our working method at its core.