Lokstadt Winterthur on Increased Density in Werk

Brownfield Development in werk, bauen+wohnen Magazine, 1/2–2024. In the current issue, the Dialogplatz, Winterthur as part of our Lokstadt project is introduced and discussed in the article "Sensible Densification: A Visit to the Construction Sites of Brownfield Development."


"Example: Dialogplatz, Winterthur 2019-25
Workshops with the public of Winterthur served as the basis for the planning. Inspired by the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, Vogt Landscape Architects proposed 100 heat-resistant trees for the 6,000 square metre plaza in Gigon Guyer's master plan. It includes a play factory with gravel works, crane runway, pump house, vehicle fleet and a pavilion as a covered outdoor area."


The article is accessible via the following link: Sensible Densification


Model: © VOGT