«First the Forests»

Exhibition by VOGT at Druker Design Gallery

30. January 2020

The exhibition explores the complex and intertwined layers of knowledge—sciences, history, aesthetics, and material culture—that are embedded in the seemingly simple undertaking of planting, whether a large forest, an urban park, or a garden. It does so through documenting the creative process of the work of Günther Vogt and VOGT Landscape Architects, for whom plants have been a central subject and loci of experimentation. 


In the manner of a Wunderkammer, the exhibition documents six projects by bringing together a collection of artefacts of varied origins, materiality, function, and geographical provenance. In Vogt’s practice, the Wunderkammer is part record and part design method, as the artefacts are utilized at the beginning of each project to instigate broad discussion and form the intellectual direction of the work ahead. Located in the premises of the office and VOGT Case Studio, it contains an encyclopedic collection of objects from around the world.


Together, the displayed artefacts of the exhibition showcase the methodologies, exercises, and precedents through which VOGT explores and analyzes plants as a central protagonist of the practice.


Druker Design Gallery, Cambridge MA

Now open – 15 March

Opening reception 6. February, 8 PM


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© GDS Druker Design Gallery / Justin Knight Photography