Gerhard Richter, Parkstück, 1971, Nanette Gehrig, Foto © Gerhard Richter 2021

Return of the Sublime

Talk on the exhibition «Gerhard Richter»

26. May 2021

When we speak of "landscape", we associate it with untouched nature, harmonious or dramatic topography, atmospheric cloudscapes and light moods that seem overwhelming, i.e. sublime. With our ideas, we are thus committed to the tradition of Romanticism. The term "landscape" entered the general consciousness with the rise of tourism in the 19th century. Our admiration for it thus runs parallel to industrialisation, and with its devastation through wars and ecological catastrophes, it gains even greater popularity. In this discussion, we will discuss the concept of landscape today, how it has changed with our understanding of space, and yet how it also continues to tie in with traditions.


Discussion between Julia Gelshorn (Professor of Art History, Univ. Fribourg), Günther Vogt (Landscape Architect, Zurich) and Julius von Bismarck (Artist, Berlin), moderated by curator Cathérine Hug (Curator Kunsthaus Zürich).


26 May 2021, 6:30 - 8 PM

Kunsthaus Zürich, Moser Building


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