Maren Brakebusch as speaker at the Bauwelt Kongress 2020

01. December 2020

After several decades of displacement and miniaturisation of our urban vegetation, it is now becoming an all-rounder for solving urgent questions about the future quality of life in our cities. Thus the discussion about the transformation of our cities is shifting from a long aesthetically guided to an ecologically dominated one. Forests on roofs, green facades and tendril-covered inner courtyards, unsealed surfaces and squares covered with tree roofs remain selective interventions and are only partially suitable as permanent structures to counter overheating and simultaneous densification. A substantive and transdisciplinary debate on public space, especially in times of highly regulated access, plays a key role in the further development of the city.


The lecture entitled «The public space in the city is too limited to be negotiated in a purely aesthetic way» shows how the city can be thought of in terms of urban geography and landscape.


Bauwelt Kongress 2020

3 - 4 December via live stream


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