Opening of the Grote Markt in Groningen, the Netherlands

On the 1st of June the new Grote Markt square will open in Groningen, the Netherlands. After three years of design and construction activities, the new square has been completed and is open to the public. The new square has been repaved with a continuous paving from facade to facade, it includes a large cluster of trees, new street furniture, lighting, and a multiple water features that double as play elements on warm days. All vehicular traffic and cycle parking has been removed from the square, which has been redesigned to be a pedestrian square that again is the very heart of the city.


On Saturday, 1 June, there will be daylong festivities to celebrate the new square with music, poetry, and dance performance among many others. Our head of the London office, Martijn Slob, will attend the opening festivities and will present the design of the new square.


Grote Markt Festivities

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Pictures: © Milla Westerhoff