Paradise Now - Die neuen Grenzen des Gartens

25. February 2021

"Reflections of a landscape architect on the garden as an artificial paradise"


The archetype of the garden is paradise, which was separated by high walls from a more inhospitable world. Today, this distinction is more questionable than ever. Today's "paradises" are seed bunkers in Spitzbergen or gigantic artificial worlds for optimised food production. But gardens have always been places of transition and permeability, where migrating plants and historical layers, city and country, stasis and movement met. Together with Violeta Burkhardt, Günther Vogt, one of the most influential landscape architects of our time, looks at areas, gardens, parks and artificial paradises between Rome and Chernobyl, Poland and Ticino, Zurich and Hamburg, and finally comes to the bottom of the Arctic Sea, where territorial demarcation and digital world networking overlap in a tense way.


Günther Vogt, Violeta Burckhardt and Frank Fehrenbach (Hg.) 
Fröhliche Wissenschaft, Bd. 177M, 2021
Matthes & Seitz Berlin