H&dM / VOGT win Seoripul Open Art Storage competition

The new institution will house the collections of three major museums: the Seoul Museum of Modern Art, the Seoul Museum of History, and the Seoul Museum of Craft Art.


Nestled in a delineated garden shaped by the interplay of its existing topography and the enclosing walls, Seoripul Open Art Storage sets the stage for a transformative cultural experience. Preserving the essence, beauty and tradition of over a thousand Korean gardens, the Seoripul Open Art Storage Museum stands a testament to the sacred world embedded in their symbols and landscape typologies, shaped by the profound philosophy of "Um-yang" or geomancy. Our landscape architecture design pays homage to this rich tradition, offering a contemporary interpretation of Korean geomantic principles and the Korean “Borrowing landscape”. The translation of elements such as walls, water, stone, sky and tree into the proposed landscape reflects the timeless wisdom of these gardens.


Visualisation, section: © Herzog & de Meuron