STIRring Together: Günther Vogt on the rapid 'metamorphosis' of landscapes

30. August 2021

STIR engages in an environmentally conscious conversation with Günther Vogt about his studio, VOGT Landscape Architecture, his Chair at ETH, Zurich, and their collaborative displays at the Venice Architecture Biennale: Rolling Stones, Migrating Landscapes, and Common Water – The Alps. The renowned Swiss landscape architect and designer, through his showcase, interestingly encapsulates the issue of rapid climate change within a very specific geography. While its context may be local to the European region, its findings and observations are global.


Through the three exhibitions, the rapid transformation of our landscapes accelerated by the climate emergency is seen through the lens of three basal elements in landscape: stone, water, and vegetation. Operating at the intersection of pedagogy and interactive installation, VOGT poses important but allegorical questions on what this means for the coexistence of societies, and how will we live together.


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Video: Courtesy of STIR