VOGT and Galli Rudolf Architects win the competition for the extension of the school complex Nägelimoos

19. April 2020

The Nägelimoos school complex in Kloten (CH) was built in 1969 and is now largely in need of renovation. The task was to propose solid solutions for the gradual expansion and, if necessary, renovation of the school complex in stages while the school is still in operation, in accordance with the space allocation plan and future requirements.


The team Galli Rudolf/VOGT convinced the jury with a functional and true-to-life contribution that places an open school ensemble in the context of the surrounding landscape. Depending on how one moves and orients oneself through the school, a completely different image emerges: the image of a school embedded in the forest, or that of an exposed terrace overlooking the landscape. Existing and new buildings and the landscape were combined in such a way that the functional arrangement of the different zones is naturally understood as such.


The forest on one side and the water landscape of the moor on the other side are considered as an extended learning area for research gardens or natural studies lessons, in addition to the actual school grounds.