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Exhibition: March 4th to May 15th, 2016 

Opening reception: March 4th, 2–8 pm 

Book launch: March 4th, 6–8 pm

at 3A Gallery, 179 Canal Street, New York




The exhibitions of Case Studio VOGT called Wunderlust/Wanderkammer took shape over months of typological research and multiscalar iterative modeling. This Wunderkammer is made up of three interlocking cabinets. The space of each cabinet is internally partitioned into subject cases. Each subject case is curated by someone in the office and can be checked out and filled: a reverse library circulation system. The installations can and will change, reflecting the work and people in the office over time. Designed to aggregate incrementally in three stages, the Wunderkammer was constructed between 2014 and 2016. It will build out to a fully enclosed space nesting inside the specific footprint of the 3A Gallery in New York City in March 2016, the commission that provided the original impetus for the project. In each successive installation, with one more case added, the piece mutates from a cabinet, to an alcove, to a room. Each cabinet contains projects that explore a specific field method: Collecting, Recording, and Translating.

A Wunderkammer is a classification device that emphatically resists classification. It occupies a liminal netherworld between furniture and room, between the natural and the artificial, between the intimate and the universal. This collection, like the Wunderkammer it considers, is neither monograph, nor catalog, nor book. In three volumes — Collecting, Recording, and Translating —this hybrid collection considers the content and ethos of a Wunderkammer designed by Case Studio VOGT.

Book Wunderlust/Wanderkammer limited edition can be bought from mid-March at Lars Müller Publishers :