Belvoirpark, Zurich

Hotel Management School

Gastrosuisse Zurich
2004 - 2015
2 000 m²
The Belvoirpark has its origins in the 19th century and is one of the oldest landscaped gardens in the region. Set on a beautiful location close to the lake with views of the city and the mountains, the Belvoirpark has retained its specific topography with large level differences and exotic trees.

Since the twenties Gastrosuisse operates here a Hotel Management School with an upscale, publicly accessible restaurant. The former school building was spatially and functionally not integrated into the park. The transformation of the area around the new construction of the replacement building allowed a reappraisal of the situation. In the basic structure of the park, the hotel management school is embeded in the «belt», a framework planting of tall park trees with a clear, dense, sometimes forest-like character. This principle has continued to form the character of the south and west area up to the street.

Areas that did not serve the transport and delivery services were planted in accordance with park trees, which occur partly as groups, partly as a multi-stemmed specimens. To the east to the park, a wide path along the building is created, which can be supplemented in the north and south to a beltwalk. Between the beltwalk and the Iris garden the partially existing hedges were extended or renewed. These elements take over the integration and orientation of the new building towards the park, the paths within the hedge system take on view lines into the park, form at the same time internal spaces and modify, by changing the perceived height of the building, the relation between the lower park level and the hotel school. Inside the hedge body a beech tree was replanted, which will complement the long-term parking backdrop of large trees. At the entrance to the park and the school a historical and translocated fence (by the art nouveau artist Berlepsch-Valandas) with natural stone base and pedestals continues the theme and protected pattern of villas with front gardens along the Seestrasse.