Dialogplatz Opens for the Public

Lokstadt, Winterthur

08. June 2021

In the early evening of 8 June 2021, the construction site barriers around Dialogplatz will be removed piece by piece, making the heart of the quarter accessible to the public.


The Dialogplatz is a large square with an area of over 6000 m2 and forms the central place in the quarter. Inspired by the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, the square will become a hub for the population and invites them to stroll and walk around. This will also be the case on hot summer days, because thanks to around 100 trees, the square will be completely covered with trees in a few years. The tree canopy is based on a grid that creates different spatial impressions through openings and condensations when walking through the square and discreetly separates the various sub-areas with a play factory for children, a multifunctional pavilion or a shady quiet zone with free seating.