Project Art Mill Museum at the Venice Biennale

The Art Mill Museum project is currently displayed at the 2023 Venice Biennale in the ACP - Palazzo Franchetti building. Qatar presents a documentary exhibition titled "Building a Creative Nation," which introduces models of five future cultural facilities, including the Art Mill as one of the quintet.


In 2016, an international architecture competition awarded this architectural project to the Chilean studio ELEMENTAL, the public garden will be designed by VOGT Landscape Architects. Doha's new museum of international modern and contemporary art will be converted from an historic flour mill. The Art Mill Museum, sets to open in 2030, relies on the permeability of the built structure with the surroundings of a distinctive garden. Dotted across the landscaped space will be several public venues, such as plazas and theatres, cultivating an outdoor cultural village that extends the creative exploration of the museum outside. 


In translating the garden concept to the site itself, recognition of the urban situation and industrial scale – port infrastructure and food production  –  leads the visitor on a choreographed journey, symbolically moving across a landscape expressed as gradient of control over nature. Fundamentally, three layers of landscape have been defined to represent the conditions of the public realm; the landscape, the garden and the coast.