20. November 2021

The symposium will bring together experts, architects and artists to discuss the changes in the Alpine region caused by climate change, urbanisation, energy transition and industrialisation, and to question the developments and transformations of this space. In a thematically broad discussion, the symposium aims to talk about the present and future of this sensitive space, addressing aspects of research and those of art and practice. The focus of our discussion is the question of what role the disciplines of spatial design and planning (architecture, landscape architecture, regional planning) can take on. A panel discussion will follow the short lectures by the guests:

Ana Jeinić (Graz)

Daniela Mitterberger (Wien, ETH Zürich)

Andreas Fogarasi (Wien)
Thomas Kissling (ETH Zürich)

Peter Volgger (LFU Innsbruck)


20 September 2021, 7:30 p.m.

Stadtmuseum & Ragenhaus Bruneck


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