10. February 2020

LANDSCAPES in LANDSCAPES gathers urbanists, architects, landscape architects, planners and policy makers to discuss and speculate on the role that the ‘discrete’ landscape project – parks, recreational facilities, landfills, quarries, and airfields –  can play in the larger, more comprehensive, green systems of cities.


Of focus will be to both uncover and project ways that the designed landscape reinforces, challenges, or expands the logics, limits or possibilities of the larger ecologic, cultural and economic one in which they participate, referred to variously as green "Belts", "Rings" and "Corridors".


With Martijn Slob, head of VOGT London, and several other experts.


20 February, 4 - 7:30 PM, free entrance

Syracuse University

Faraday House, 48 Old Gloucester St, London


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