VOGT Paris wins the «Lot Petit» competition together with Kuehn Malvezzi, Nicolas Dorval-Bory and Plan Comun

25. November 2019

The site of the former Saint-Vincent-de-Paul hospital in the south of Paris has developed over the last four years into a cultural and social space – the Grands Voisins. By 2024, the site will be transformed into a diverse neighbourhood with residential and mixed use. The «Lot Petit» project envisages the creation of a social housing block with 186 residential units, offices and common areas for the residents.

The courtyard of the new dwelling is designed as a threshold space that extends the urban space towards the centre of the block. The topography of the site is revealed through the process of water erosion: a sculpted hollow that defines various landscapes as reliefs. A play of shadows, minerals and staggered plants create a lush and fertile space - a plunge into another universe away from the city.