Solid, Fluid, Biotic - Changing Alpine Landscapes

02. November 2021

The Alps are not an immovable mountain massif that will outlast everything else but a dynamic and sensitive organism. For millions of years, everything has been in motion, and everything has been flowing. Against this backdrop, mankind’s period of influence seems vanishingly short. Nevertheless, Homo sapiens is the driving force that reshaped the Alps quite significantly and within a very short time. However, this comparatively rapid change of the Alps does not only hold dangers, but also offers a whole range of new potentials.


Various phenomena of this dynamic landscape were explored within the scope of the 17th Architecture Biennial in Venice by VOGT Landscape Archi- tects and the Chair of Günther Vogt at ETH Zurich. This book documents their findings, and the phenomena are examined by focusing on the three thematic fields of geology, hydrology, and biology in scientific essays, art interventions and on field trips.



Thomas Kissling (Hg.) 

With essays by Conradin A. Burga, Markus Ritter, Günther Vogt, Rolf Weingartner
With contributions by Julian Charrière, Alessandra Chemollo, Katie Paterson, Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger

Design: Integral Lars Müller

Lars Müller Publishers , 2021