VOGT 20+1

11. November 2021

«21 years of VOGT» is not an isolated event but the intermediate stage of a process. At its beginning were the gardens of grandmothers, the parental market garden, and the Rhine Valley's wild landscapes. Also, passionate discussions about the city of the future and its relation to the landscape. Growing projects followed, with renowned architectural firms, in Switzerland, Europe and beyond.


Our expertise in dealing with public space and its future-oriented planning is visible in exemplary projects. Above all, the perceptible and foreseeable changes in the landscape and growing social awareness reflect in numerous studies and projects in the offices, the Case Studio, and the chair at ETH Zurich.


Based on these foundations, VOGT operates the main office in Zurich and branch offices in Berlin (2003), London (2008) and Paris (2019) with a total of 50 employees. Beyond the geographical distance of the office locations and their extensive sphere of activity, we share common experiences, passions and curiosity and seek a change of perspective and new solutions and answers to familiar questions that often only vary in detail. In doing so, we practise the overarching view of the geographer but also the view through the microscope of the botanist. Miniature and panorama, mutation and morphosis. We also don't forget to look back at grandmother's garden and her knowledge of plants, which is almost lost today.


The publications Landscape as a Cabinet of Curiosities (2015), Mutation and Morphosis - Landscape as Aggregate (2020) and Solid, Fluid, Biotic - Changing Alpine Landscapes (2021) document our current state of engagement.


Our work and successes are results of shared enthusiasm and our collective knowledge, individual experience and the passion of all our staff. I want to express my sincere thanks for their enthusiasm.


Günther Vogt, November 2021