Airport City, Düsseldorf

Genius Loci

Flughafen Düsseldorf International, Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH
2004 - 2008
200 000 m²
„Airport City“ Düsseldorf is the intermediary between two completely different measures of urban scale: The amply spaces of Düsseldorf Airport meet the human scale work- and living space of the surroundings. From the master plan through to detailed design, the concept works with the basic idea of changing scales and this way closes the breach between the airport and the adjacent, richly structured urban spaces. The landscape master plan bases on clearly defined typologies: The street space, different types of squares and urban gardens are the basic elements of the free space. They define the character and identity of the area and provide the framework for architecture. The conceptual idea of changing scales is interpreted individually for the different parts of the perimeter:

The street space is the intersection between the worlds of traffic and pedestrians: On the one hand there is an overall tree pattern. On the other hand the broad pedestrian area with its subtle topography creates a spatial arrangement perceptible and useable specifically for the pedestrians.
The urban square refers to the the natural history of the area: like an exhibit an island planted with a combination of existing and new trees stands within water - an image of nature, not accessible and yet having a strong impact onto the quiet square within the bustling surroundings.

Birch trees characterize the space between the hotel and the main access road to the airport: planted onto the roof of the subterranean garage in differing density, the birch trees with their white boles offer a varying view to traffic participants and observers from the hotel windows above.

The urban garden is an important pedestrian connection to and from the airport. A brick path leads, constantly meandering up and down, trough a planting of ornamental fruit trees. It offers a wide range of perspectives from the bird‘s eye view onto the trees throug to a walk under the shadow of the tree roof.