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VOGT wins Elbtower competition

02. September 2020
At a prominent location in Elbbrücken district and as the eastern pillar of HafenCity, the highest building to date in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg is being built. The open space design is based on the triangular base of the Elbtower and its materialisation and planting refer to its natural surroundings, the history of the site and the surrounding water.

In response to the adjoining streetscape of the Zweibrückenstrasse, the new Elbbrücken subway station and the high-rise structures of HafenCity, the open spaces around the building focus on a human scale through a sequence of squares with high sojourn quality. The result is a robust and urban open space, without neglecting the holistic development of the area. The Elbtower is built on a continuous carpet of clinker brick, the colour of which varies slightly between beige and earth tones. Each of the three sides of the tower unfolds its very own character through different elements and planting, despite the harmonious overall picture.

In complete contrast to the partly greened mineral base of the tower, a park with meadows, seating and a rich planting of park trees will be created on its south side, directly on the Nordelbe. The former customs house will be preserved and offers space for gastronomy with a view into the park.