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Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York © Hyla Skopitz, The Photograph Studio, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2014


The team was officially presented to the public as the winner of the competition for the new clinic facility on perimeter B of the University Hospital Basel (USB) on Schanzenstrasse and Klingelbergstrasse.


The evaluation committee justified the decision in favour of the team's proposed solution with the strong contribution for the urban development as well as a high degree of utilization flexibility, meaningfully identified hospital processes and appropriate economic efficiency.


The realisation of the design represents an important step in the further development of the Health Campus. The public hospital garden as the centerpiece of the campus will be extended and its qualities strengthened by densification into the height.




The regeneration of two disused railway station sites is part of a larger effort by the city to reactivate disused areas around the city boundary. Core element of the master plan are two new environmental devices in green and blue: a linear forest capable of cooling the warm winds coming from the southwest and cleaning the air of the most toxic particles, and a linear water vein as a filter and landscape-forming element.


The LLDC unanimously approved the detailed plans for UCL East by Stanton Williams, Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands and VOGT in a unanimous resolution on 26 March. The project is part of the overall «Transforming University College London» project.


The UCL East will be part of East Bank, a new centre for culture, education and innovation that includes some of London's largest cultural and creative institutions. With around 180'000 square meters, UCLE will expand the central location of the existing UCL by around 40%. Construction of phase 1 will begin in summer 2019 and will cover almost one third of the total area.


The public realm design has been led by VOGT Landscape. It focuses on creating a distinctive environment which expresses UCL East’s identity but is also rooted in the geology, history and culture of this unique part of east London.


In the current issue of the «FreiRaum» talks in Metten, everything revolves around the theme "Retro vs. Modern". Maren Brakebusch will hold a lecture about the changed possibilities in urban planning. On the basis of VOGT projects, strategies will be shown how design can help to create a site-specific reference and a context to the landscape, history and geological heritage in the arbitrariness of today's time and thus occupy an opposing position.


2 April 2019, 1:30 PM

Folkwang Universität der Künste

SANAA Building, Gelsenkirchener Str. 209, 45309 Essen 


The first public event of the "innenstadtdialog ulm 2030" series revolves around the topics of business location, mobility and public space. Landscape architect Maren Brakebusch in a talk with the marketing expert Ulrich Eggert (Cologne) and Dr.-Ing. Wilko Manz of the Institute for Mobility and Transport at the TU Kaiserslautern. The evening will be moderated by SWP editor Hans-Uli Mayer.


26 March 2019, 6 PM at Stadthaus Ulm


Admission is free, registration is not required.


The geology of a place has always shaped the architecture and public space of our cities. The regionally available raw materials and limited transport possibilities determined the building materials and thus the cityscape. With the globalisation of markets and unrestricted logistical possibilities, the choice of materials is increasingly becoming a question of attitude.


Maren Brakebusch in the G+L on the changed conditions in the construction industry and the resulting question of attitude.





The draft of the team convinced the jury to be the basis for further urban planning. For the first time, the public was able to participate directly in the competition procedure and provide information that the jury included in its decision. The procedure was characterised by a new quality and intensity of citizen participation.


Until 20 March 2019, all designs will be exhibited at the Zentrum für Baukultur in Dresden. Guided tours of the exhibition will take place on 26 February as well as 5 and 12 March at 5 PM. 


The FSU's Central Conference 2018 is dedicated to the topic of landscape and focuses on the question of what role landscape plays in planning processes today and how it can become a fundamental element of a spatial development strategy, especially for internal development.


Günther Vogt opens the conference with a lecture entitled "supervision, view, review". On the basis of current examples, he describes landscape as a complex cultural and social construct that is conceived intellectually, sensually perceived and actively acquired by users on a daily basis.


Friday, 16 November 2018
Kultur- und Kongresszentrum KKL Luzern
Start: 9 AM
Further information:


In cooperation with Kairos and Mont-Real developers and the architects of POLO and ar-te, VOGT wins the competition for a redevelopment of the north-western part of the city of Mechelen, Belgium. The project site is located nearby the historical city centre, currently bordering on an industrial waterfront. Proposed landscape design is part of a new city neighbourhood and draws on the characteristics of the three landscape types surrounding the area - Mechelen’s urban fabric, site’s industrial heritage and its close proximity to the countryside. The design consists of a series of squares, the redesign of riverfront and dock edge, link to the newly proposed park, new pedestrian and traffic connections, as well as a residential courtyard and rooftop terrace overlooking the whole project area.


“Nature versus Wilderness”


The abandonment of agricultural land and the general withdrawal from inhabited, cultivated and farmed areas is a growing global phenomenon. Based on selected examples at different scales, the talk deals with the question of how this abandoned landscape reflects economical, ecological, social or psychological problems and where its future qualities and potentials lie.


The lecture will take place at the Argiletum, part of the Architecture Department of the Roma Tre University


4 October 2018 // 9:45 am - 1 pm 


Via Madonna dei Monti 40

Roma Tre University

Rome IT


On this occasion, Prof. Vogt will present projects of VOGT Landscape and talk about current research topics that are being worked on at his chair of Landscape Architecture at the ETH Zurich. The event is organized by the Casablla Architecture Magazine.


The number of seats is limited to 100 participants. Admission is free.


1 October 2018 // 6 - 8 pm


Via Vigevano 8

Milan IT


Lars Ruge, Office Manager of VOGT Zürich, speaks at the symposium «Vertikal- und Dachbegrünung» on the terms of use of greened buildings.


Various experts present and discuss the significance of greened buildings for the urban climate, possibilities for promoting biodiversity, the value as design elements and possible combinations with the generation of energy. The conference will take place within the framework of the exhibition «Grün am Bau» and is organized by Grün Stadt Zürich.


Symposium  «Vertikal- und Dachbegrünung»


After having established the London office in September 2008 to deliver the 2012 Olympic Athletes’ Village, VOGT now celebrates 10 years in London!


We look back at an amazing decade in which we have developed many great projects, and established inspiring collaborations.


We look forward to the years to come!

After one year of research and preparations the exhibition Environmental, curated by Herwig Baumgartner and Marcelyn Gow, has finally opened at SCI – Arc in Los Angeles.


The exhibition was accompanied by a panel discussion with Herwig Baumgartner, Violeta Burckhardt, Izaskun Chinchilla, Vittoria Di Palma, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Enric Ruiz Geli, Marcelyn Gow, Gilles Restin, Marrikka Trotter and Gunther Vogt, which  centered around new perceptions of nature and environment  in a man-made, cultural landscape.


Here are some impressions involving the process, the origin of our investigation: The Owens Valley and Los Angeles River, as well as documentation on the displacement of vegetation, setting up of audio/electrical equipment and the final product.


Image credits: Michal Czerwonka/ Courtesy of SCI Arc



Landscape Model Landscape


LA Weekly


Exhibition / Sci Arc, Los Angeles / 15 June, 2018


Vogt Landscape Architects has been invited by Sci Arc in Los Angeles to participate in the exhibition Environment curated by Marcelyn Gow and Herwig Baumgartner.


The exhibition examines contemporary attitudes toward environment in a post-digital context. The capacity of constructed natures to produce admixtures of the natural and the synthetic is a focus. The changing character of environment in the context of technological innovation is considered through the projects in the exhibition. Taking into account recent approaches to our understanding of environment and contemporary modes of ecological awareness, the exhibition considers the possibility of environments where qualities are fused with objects not normally associated with them. Sites, objects, and spaces become estranged to engender multiple authenticities and produce a fusion between architectural form and forms germane to constructed natures. A multivalent implementation of environment, one that involves an agile negotiation with the changing character of the ecological in the context of technological change begins  to surface, these environments produce invigorated forms of tangible architectural presence and performance.



Guest Lecture by Gareth Doherty | Tuesday 15 May 2018, 18:00 – 19:30 | ETH Zurich, Hönggerberg, HIL E3.

Followed by an apéro riche in the Case Studio VOGT, Stampfenbachstr. 59, Zürich.

«It is not sufficient to plan for appropriate green areas; it is necessary to understand them in relation to the urban landscape.» (Roberto Burle Marx)

Gareth Doherty, director of the master in landscape architecture program at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and author of the publication Roberto Burle Marx Lectures. Landscape as Art and Urbanism (Lars Müller Publishers) will speak about the Brasilian landscape architect, plant collector, and painter Roberto Burle Marx.

Guest Lecture introduced by Philip Ursprung, dean of the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich.


Followed by an apéro riche at Case Studio VOGT. After the lecture a direct bus from ETH Zurich,

Hönggerberg to Case Studio VOGT will be organised.


Due to a limited number of places please reserve before May 11 with


Institute for Landscape Architecture, Chair Günther Vogt
Lars Müller Publishers, Zurich
VOGT Landscape, Zurich


On the 20.03.2018 a showcase event was held for the Badeavskiy Brewery project in Moscow. This event marked the official presentation of the project to the public.


Located approximately 4km from the Kremlin, between the Moskva River and the linear housing blocks of Kutuzovsky Avenue the 6 Ha site sits in close proximity to the Moscow Business Centre which is the rapidly developing commercial hub of the city.


The masterplan focuses on the concept of the forest edge gradient and features a grassed central clearing with small groups and single trees framing views the wider park. This clearing is defined by a band of woodland planting with varying density and heights of vegetation creating a dynamic edge to the open space and human scale atmosphere in contrast to the immense buildings floating above. A hierarchy of gently curving paths link main access points, weaving in and out of the woodland and columns to link the green space with the public plazas and building entrances.


A river promenade and urban boulevard flank the site to the north and south creating active entrances that contrast the more relaxed and contemplative park atmosphere.      


*This project is a collaboration with Herzog & de Meuron for Capital Group.


On the 09.03.2018 the annual exhibition "da! Architecture in and from Berlin " will be inaugurated in Stilwerk, Berlin. Various Projects in the fields of architecture, urban planning, interiors design and landscape architecture have been selected by an independent selection commitee and will be presented along with our projects "Lohsepark" and "denk.mal Hannoverscher Bahnhof".


Chamber of Architects Berlin


The landscape concept “Four Clearings in a Woodland Park” creates a new public park for Weimar North. It is structured around classic park elements: spatial sequences, visual axes, topography, open lawns and meadows, as well as use-specific areas. In addition to this, the park is also an important memorial site to the deportation of Thüringen Jews during the Second World War. It is a place of tranquility and remembrance, but also encounter and exchange. The park’s many different spaces provide free and open-ended opportunities for social participation and interaction. As much as possible, remnants of the old cattle auction hall and train tracks are preserved in their present form.



The Museum für Gestaltung will celebrate it's newly-renovated building on 2-3 March 2018.

Vogt Landscape Architects chose to use concrete furnishings as the base for a moss installation. These furnishings are by Swiss company Eternit, who manufacture the celebrated designs for concrete planters and seats. The different design objects become a growing medium for moss, which expands its coverage of the concrete when environmental conditions are ideal, and retracts at other times of year. In this sense, the installation is not only a celebration of great Swiss design but also an expression of the local weather and seasonal changes. 


Link with the programm for the openening weekend : Program


A modern sports and events arena, with a capacity for 4,000 spectators, and two principally residential high-rise buildings will now be created on the Mattenhof II areal grounds  in Kriens.


The expanded open space is designed as a forecourt and promenade at the same time, enabling two basic functions in the Pilatus arena: entrance and lounge, as well as a dynamic transition space between the station and the district.


Pilatus Arena Webseite

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